The 12th Man Trademark


Kristi Dosh

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Texas A&M football is inundated with the phrase “The 12th Man.” It’s on their website, their stadium, their merchandise. So in 1990 Texas A&M applied for and was granted a trademark on the phrase “12th Man.” Since then, the University’s enforcement efforts have led to some public relations pitfalls. For instance, in 2014 Texas A&M was depicted as a bully when it threatened to sue a group of Bills fans who founded a website using “12th Man,” including a particular Bill fan who was a double amputee cancer survivor.

That matter eventually settled, which will be discussed in this CLE, but the incident raised crucial legal issues. This CLE will explore a trademark owner’s legal duty to “police” their trademark; the ramifications of not enforcing or policing one’s trademark; considerations a trademark owner should take into account when a potential infringement has occurred; and Texas A&M’s strategy for dealing with what became a litigation public relations nightmare.

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