The $45 Million Loophole That Almost Killed the Big XII Conference


Clay Travis

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In recent years college sports has become a big business and schools in major conferences are now receiving millions of dollars in revenue every year from television contracts alone. Because of the amount of money on the line, conferences now recruit new schools in hopes that these schools will drive additional TV revenue to the conference teams. In 2010, Nebraska and Colorado left the Big XII to join the newly expanded Pac-12 Conference. Following suit, in 2011, Texas A&M and Missouri announced that they would leave for the SEC. The Big XII Conference bylaws should have protected it from this exudes but a drafting loophole allowed teams to leave after paying only half of the intended buyout. This program dissects the forces that caused teams to leave the Big XII, the loophole that allowed it to happen, the ethical issues presented between conferences and member schools, and then provides drafting tips for practitioners to consider in their own drafting.

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