Broke: Collecting Debts from Celebrities


David Anthony

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Some cases are just more fun. Like, for example, when you get to go after your favorite athlete or boy band member for being a dead beat. That’s right, celebrities are known for making some really terrible business decisions. And when they do, it’s up to us lawyers to figure out ways to get that money back for our clients. While celebrity cases function the same way legally speaking, the tactics used to collect from a broke celebrity can be very different than a traditional debtor. Many celebrities don’t have traditional W-2 income, they oftentimes maintain busy travel schedules, and their assets may not be as easy to find as your typical debtor. What’s a creditor’s counsel to do?

That’s what David Anthony does for a living. If you have watched David’s CLE on Nigerian Email Scams then you know that this is one entertaining and amazingly informative hour of CLE credit. David discusses the practical peculiarities of going after celebrities and shares a number of interesting stories about athletes and country music singers alike.

Take this CLE if you want to earn an hour of CLE credit but you don’t want it to feel like watching paint dry. The information will come in handy no matter your practice area and the stories will keep you entertained for sure.

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