This CLE Will Make You Rich!! – Email Scams


David Anthony

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Email scams are getting so sophisticated that even normal people are falling victim. A huge segment of these scams are now targeting law firms as well. Spend an hour learning more about these scams and how you can protect your firm. It could very possibly save you hundreds of thousands (millions?) of dollars.

This CLE could very possibly save your firm hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is the truth. Email scams are getting really sophisticated and the scammers are targeting your firm and your client trust account. You may not think you would be dumb enough to fall for this scam but it happens every day to firms just like yours. Scammers now send real couriers to personally deliver certified checks. They use real party names from actual litigation as their backstory. And they have call centers waiting to answer your phone calls to “verify” details about the scam! It would really be very impressive if they weren’t stealing YOUR money.

In this CLE David Anthony will walk you through the three types of scams used, what to look for, and how to best determine whether a potential lead is a real client or a real criminal. Our course materials include actual email correspondence and stories from actual frauds. The course is loaded with crazy stories of lawyers getting money stolen that will keep you entertained and, for a finale, David shares how he was able to vet a very NSFW potential client.

This course has been approved for DUAL credit in TN, Professional Conduct credit in OH and Ethics credit in AL, GA, MS and TX because these scams target your firm’s trust accounts and can create ethical problems if you become a victim of the fraud. We have many applications pending in various states and will let you know as we receive more approvals.

Missouri lawyers: Outkick CLE classes are considered “self study” and are subject to a 6 hour cap per year. Self study classes cannot be carried over to the next year and may not be used to satisfy the professionalism, ethics or malpractice prevention education requirements of Rule 15.

New York lawyers: Outkick CLE courses will count toward your New York CLE requirement under New York’s Approved Jurisdiction policy. To read the policy in full, please see the New York CLE Board website.



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