Donald Sterling vs the NBA


Clay Travis

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In April of 2014, gossip site TMZ revealed a recording of Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, in a conversation with his girlfriend. During the conversation, Mr. Sterling expressed dissatisfaction that his girlfriend was spending time with African Americans and made a number of racist comments about her personal associations.

As expected, these comments, once made public, set of a firestorm of media attention and public scrutiny. The National Basketball Association responded by banning Mr. Sterling from all league activities for life, and also expressed its desire to force the sale of the team.

This course is an initial discussion Mr. Sterlings comments with special attention made towards whether the NBA actually has the legal authority to force the sale of the Clippers. Time will be spent looking at the actual text of the NBA bylaws and also the potential unintended legal consequences of the league’s proposed course of action. Takeaways from this course will help lawyers representing similar disputes among members of private associations.

Please note that this is a discussion that occurred while the Sterling situation was still ongoing with a specific focus on the NBA bylaws.

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