High Times – Pot Law 101


Hilary Bricken

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This CLE is about marijuana. We live in a world where marijuana is somehow legal in various states but illegal at the national level. That creates some issues, as you might imagine. Issues like: marijuana sellers have to conduct all business in cash. They can’t get bank accounts so they ride around with armed guards and hand out envelopes of cash on pay day. They also can’t trademark their brands. Seriously.

This CLE provides an in depth overview of the issues faced by the legal marijuana industry. Hilary explains the various legal conflicts between state and federal law and the practical affects on the fastest growing industry in the United States. This 1 hour CLE spends time discussing banking laws, tax laws and intellectual property considerations for these businesses. Lawyers need to be prepared to counsel clients – from landlords to run of the mill b2b vendors – in their business dealings with the marijuana industry. This CLE a good way to start.

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