Jameis Winston – A CLE


Clay Travis

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There are two very serious topics being discussed about university life in the US: the appropriate role of college athletics and the safety of female students from sexual assault. Enter Jameis Winston. Mr. Winston has become a lightning rod and an example held up by people on both sides of these discussions and lawyers play a very important role in the future of the serious issues.

This CLE discusses the legal issues that Mr. Winston has faced while at Florida State University with particular attention paid to issues faced by lawyers representing clients in university disciplinary actions, universities dealing with the balancing act of protecting the privacy of one student vs the safety of another, and the Title IX issues that have cropped up when universities have been found to not investigate these issues seriously enough.

The issues represented by Mr. Winston’s time at FSU will have a drastic affect on the campus life of millions of students and lawyers play a very important role in determining that future. This CLE will present the topics in a way that lawyers can better face these issues and represent these clients.

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