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Maddy Martin

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Regulating New Technology in the Workplace: Biometric Employee Monitoring and AI Hiring Bias. 

For all the attention policymakers have made to privacy and social media, relatively little attention has been paid to the encroachment of emerging technology into the workplace.  Two technologies, in particular, are already well established. Employee monitoring, particularly in the form of biometric time clocks and artificial intelligence focused on finding and screening potential job applicants.  Both technologies are useful tools for addressing legitimate problems faced by employers. Biometric time clocks record and store employee information, typically fingerprints address the problem of time theft among the relatively small number of hourly workers who engage in “buddy punching” on traditional time clocks.  Artificial intelligence systems are intended to overcome gender, race and age bias by identifying job candidates who might be overlooked for a job due to their gender, age or race. 

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