The Peyton Manning Mooning: Lessons From the Locker Room


Clay Travis

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While Peyton Manning is now a household name, he did not start out that way. In 1996, he was just a young quarterback at the University of Tennessee. In the Tennessee locker room that year, Manning mooned a trainer, thus beginning a series of events that would follow him and pop back up at numerous times throughout his career.

The basic underlying story was that a female trainer was examining Manning’s foot, at which time he mooned her. The incident was subject to an investigation at the time, but then re-emerged in defamation litigation in 2002. Manning had referenced the incident in one of his books, without citing the trainer by name, and the trainer used that reference to pursue a defamation action against the by-that-time quite famous quarterback. Subsequently, the incident emerged again as a news story in 2016 after Manning won his second Super Bowl. The story spread quickly across social media but was written with a very shaky understanding of the purpose of the legal documents the writer had reviewed.

By walking though this incident and the subsequent issues it created, this CLE will discuss sexual harassment issues, issues related to nondisclosure agreements, and defamation. The course will also explore how lawyers should deal with the media, which often lacks legal training and does not understand how to properly interpret court documents, and strategies for handling cases with high profile clients.

Missouri lawyers: Outkick CLE classes are considered “self study” and are subject to a 6 hour cap per year. Self study classes cannot be carried over to the next year and may not be used to satisfy the professionalism, ethics or malpractice prevention education requirements of Rule 15.

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