The SEC vs WWE and the Changing Landscape of Cable Television


Clay Travis

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The internet and mobile devices have changed the way people consume media content. Content providers now have direct access to millions of viewers at all hours of the day. Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube all represent new distribution opportunities for video creators that bypass traditional avenues. Another development in the changing media landscape is the rise of DVR technology, allowing consumers to watch shows at a later time and even fast forward through commercials. While this has affected prime time TV, sports content still largely watched live. It is this fact that has caused a premium to be paid for sports content.

As sports content has become more and more valuable, leagues and other producers have sought out ways to further capitalize on the popularity of their sports. Two examples of this are the SEC Network, a partnership between the Southeastern Conference and ESPN, and the WWE Network, a so-called “over-the-top” network distributed directly to consumers over the internet for a price of $9.99 per month with a six-month commitment.

This course discusses the business and legal implications of the changing media environment with in-depth discussions on the very different approaches taken by the SEC and WWE. Time will also be spent on the representation of rights holders and content creators and the various factors to consider when negotiating and drafting distribution contracts and other media and content agreements.

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